PKKK is a coalition of women small farmers, fishers, indigenous people, formal and informal workers in the rural areas. First convened in 2003 during the 1st National Rural Women Congress, PKKK is united on a Rural Women Agenda, namely:

(1) Fulfillment of Rural Women’s Property Rights in Agrarian Reform;

(2) Fulfillment of Rural Women’s Property Right in Ancestral Domains;

(3) Fulfillment of Rural Women’s Property Rights to Coastal Resources;

(4) Access to Basic Services and Social Protection, Safe and Adequate Food and Potable  


Water, and Right to Fair Wages and Just Working Conditions;

(5) Access to sustainable and Women-Friendly Agriculture and Fishery Support Services;

(6) Representation and Participation in the Implementation of Gender and Development Programs and Local Sectoral Representaton;

(7) Fulfillment of Reproductive Rights and Protection from all forms of violence and other oppressive relations;

(8) Fulfillment of peace agenda, especially in Mindanao; and

(9) Right to Safe Environment and Protection from the impacts of Climate Change.


A society that enjoys freedom, security and development, where rural women are engaged in the fulfillment of their rights in the home, community and society.

As a coalition of rural women organizations and advocates, PKKK works toward the elimation of discrimination, violence and poverty, as contribution to the strengthening of the Philippine women's movement.

Empowered rural women contributing significantly to the women's movement building. Enabling policy environment for the fulfillment and protection of rural women's rights, specifically ensuring the rural women's agenda on property rights, peace, anti-violence against women and their children (Anti-VAWC), reproductive health, social enterprise, social protection, climate change, and gender-responsive governance.

The Secretariat

juliet domingo

Finance Officer

amparo miciano-sykioco

Secretary General

Milagros lumanta

Admin Officer

Our Partners

  #8 Pahutan Road, Veterans Village, Proj. 7, Quezon City

(02) 372 9041


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