A society that enjoys freedom, security and development, where rural women are engaged in the fulfillment of their rights in the home, community and society.


As a coalition of rural women organizations and advocates, PKKK works toward the elimination of discrimination, violence and poverty, as contribution to the strengthening of the Philippine women’s movement.

PKKK is committed to its mission to:

  1. Advance the rural women’s movement as an integral part of our struggle towards genuine rural development, specifically by strengthening PKKK’s membership at all levels, i.e. barangay, municipal, provincial, national.
  2. Advocate rural women’s property rights, access and control over land and water resources, access to coastal resources, access to basic services and other economic resources, right to exercise decision-making and governance over these resources.
  3. Strengthen PKKK’s capacity to build support for the 8-point agenda and to engage different groups, organizations and government agencies that work on the rural women concerns, toward the implementation of agrarian reform and rural development, as well as the development concerns of the fisheries and indigenous peoples’ sectors.

4. Facilitate development of PKKK members through awareness-raising, skills enhancement, and capability-building particularly on how to build and sustain the local economy, as well as how to advance rural women’s economic, socio-cultural and political empowerment agenda.

5. Broaden the SPIRIT of commitment, sharing and creativity among the PKKK members in tapping/mobilizing social and financial resources.

6. Provide Analysis on the issues related to the rural women’s agenda; nsure agenda-related educational discussions, training, and reading materials for the PKKK members and for policy makers, from barangay to national levels.


Empowered rural women contributing significantly to the women's movement building. Enabling policy environment for the fulfillment and protection of rural women's rights, specifically ensuring the rural women's agenda on property rights, peace, anti-violence against women and their children (Anti-VAWC), reproductive health, social enterprise, social protection, climate change, and gender-responsive governance.
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