PKKK is a coalition of women small farmers, fishers, indigenous people’s, formal and informal workers in the rural areas. First convened in 2003 during the 1st National¬† Rural Women Congress, PKKK is united on a Rural Women Agenda, namely:

  1. Fulfillment of Rural Women’s Property Rights in Agrarian Reform;
  2. Fulfillment of Rural Women’s Property Rights in Ancestral Domains;
  3. Fulfillment of Rural Women’s Property Rights to Coastal Resources;
  4. Access to Basic Services and Social Protection, Safe and Adequate Food and Potable Water, and Right to Fair Wages and Just Working Conditions;
  5. Access to Sustainable and Women-Friendly Agriculture and Fishery Support Services;

6. Representation and Participation in the Implementation of Gender and Development Programs and Local Sectoral Representation;

7. Fulfillment of Reproductive Rights and Protection from all forms of violence and other oppressive relations;

8. Fulfillment of peace agenda, especially in Mindanao; and

9. Right to Safe Environment and Protection from the impacts of Climate Change.

Women Rights is Human Rights

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