As a rights-based center for the rural women, PKKK aims to open channels for assistance in the areas of training, marketing and product development to help transform rural women into empowered self-propelling  women’s rights activists and rural entrepreneurs.  Towards this end, it undertakes campaigns to chart the struggle of the ranks of the rural women on key issues as well as to ensure that the rights of rural women are respected and promoted.  As we face a time of unprecedented and life-threatening climate challenges that wreak havoc on the life and the economy, we banner a climate centered work towards the pursuit of gender equity. 

Women Health and Self-Help Empowerment

The health of indigenous and Moro  women is probably the most neglected area in the struggle for women empowerment and gender equity.  This work on women’s health and self-help empowerment is geared to establish baselines and thus undertake measures that will prepare for and propel self-help towards a sustainable empowerment on the most neglected indigenous and Moro women who are in the fringes and margins of the country

Girls and Young Rural Women Advocacy

PKKK believes that the struggle for gender equity and women empowerment is also a struggle for the protection of young women and children especially girls.  Likewise, the organization believes that  an empowered generation of young women and girls is a great  wellspring of the country’s ranks of rural women.  It aims to strengthen the  knowledge and  awareness of   young women and girl children about  their rights as well as empower them with  the necessary  life skills   so they become a potent force for national development.

Women in Emergencies Network (WENet)

 WENet is a network of local, national and international people’s organizations and non-government organizations that advocate for women-led and gender responsive systems in humanitarian responses especially in emergencies.    It adheres to universally accepted humanitarian standards and banner the principle of equal rights and access to resources by  all peoples and sectors especially the most marginalized sections of women, children, the elderly as well as the indigenous peoples and the Bangsamoro.  The PKKK sits as the secretariat for WENet.

PKKK is committed to its mission to:

  1. Advance the rural women’s movement 
  2. Advocate rural women’s property right
  3. Strengthen PKKK’s capacity
  4. Facilitate development of PKKK members
  5. Broaden the SPIRIT of commitment, sharing and creativity
  6. Provide analysis on the issues related to the rural women’s agenda







Women Preparedness in Emergencies

An aftermath of PKKK’s Yolanda (Haiyan) project, women preparedness in the face of disasters and emergencies is seen as the pivot to the family’s and community’s recovery.  Thus, thus project centers on building the capacities of women and their families so they are able to rise above disasters and then strengthen their resilience.

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